The Business Women Excellence Awards 2017 Winners and Runners-up Workshop will take place at the View Hotel Eastbourne from 09.00am and end at around 4.45pm and will include seminars presented by a number of inspirational speakers on issues relevant to enhancing the success of any business today.
Presenting each workshop seminar are: (final times TBC)
1. 9.00am - A seminar on Digital Marketing and how to get your brand out there given by Mina O’Brien the Managing Director of Ditzy Media
2. 9.45am - A seminar by Martin Riley the author of The Business Jet Engine “The Simplest Guide To Boost Your Business”
10.15 - Coffee Break
3. 11am - A presentation by Allied Irish Bank “Steps to Growth Strategy”
4. 11.45 - A seminar by the Team of The RSE Group on Developing Future Leaders
12.30 - Lunch Break
5. 13.15 - A Seminar by Locate Sussex “ Helping turn your business ideas into a successful venture”
6. 14.00 - A Seminar presentation by Astec Computing on “Office 365 and the Cloud” and GDPR Compliance
14.45 - Coffee break
7. 15.15 - A Seminar presentation by Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP on “An Employer’s Guide to GDPR”
8. 16.00 – A Seminar presentation by Smith Ouzman about GDPR and of secure storage of data and files.
The video of the 2017 Awards night can be seen here.